3 DIY gifts for Christmas

Original Author: Eileen Yap

Christmas is a time when we give thanks to our family and friends. This is a period where many people will start asking questions in their hearts;

-       What should I buy as a Christmas present?

-       It is too expensive to buy so many gifts, what should I do?

-       Where to get nice and affordable Christmas present?

-       What kind of present is unique and out of the box?

-       And the list goes on and on…

Today I will be sharing with you 3 different DIY Christmas Gift ideas which is affordable, creative and meaningful to give to ALL of your friends out there!


1. “Open When” Envelope

This idea is basically very simple and yet unique for individual. All you need to do is to write a letter to your loved ones and put inside this envelope.

The title of this envelope can be

“….when you need to know how much I love you”

“….when you are thinking of me”

“….when you are angry with me”

diy-christmas-gift3 Materials needed: Colourful envelopes, Paper, Markers


2. Customized Bottles of Chocolates

Who can resist chocolates? Everyone love something sweet in this season. If you are thinking of buying chocolates for someone and you have the extra time to DIY, this can be a good idea for you. You can buy chocolates (make sure the chocolates are nice), put into any bottles and design the bottles depending on your creativity! Note: Make sure the bottle is clean before you put your chocolates in. :)

diy-christmas-gift2Materials needed: Bottles, Paper, Markers, Chocolates, Ribbons…etc


3. LOVE candy canes

Dont we all love candy canes? Everywhere you go, you will find different types, flavors and sizes of candy canes. This is one simple DIY that you can do using candy canes. When you combined 2 candy canes together, you will be able to form a HEART-shape.

If you want something more complicated, you can combine 10 candy canes to make it look like a flower. Combine 5 heart-shaped candy canes and you will get a ‘flower’ candy cane.

You can wrap it and add in the word “Merry Christmas”. It is simple and affordable!



Materials Needed: Candy canes, wrapping paper, DIY word “Merry Christmas”

Hopefully, these 3 DIY ideas will be helpful and inspire you to create something unique and special for your family and friends. Have a JOYOUS MERRY CHRISTMAS! fb-diy-christmas

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