5 ‘shocking’ videos in Singapore 2013? Yes or No?

I just read this article from yahoo on ‘5 shocking videos from Singapore in 2013’.

Listed below are the 5 shocking videos or rather shocking news.

1.       Commuter captures Singapore spitting dispute
2.       Singapore authorities chase ‘subway samurai’
3.       Haze crisis in Singapore
4.       Hailstorm hits western Singapore
5.       Riot in Singapore’s Little India after fatal bus accident


Do you know all of them? Even though I am a Singaporean far away, I still care about what happen in Singapore. After all, this is my hometown. But then I guess if these 5 incidents are to happen in Indonesia, it will definitely not be shocking news. It seems so common for people to go through disaster in Indonesia.

Firstly, haze is everywhere in Indonesia. After all the forest fire came from here right?

In year 2013, more than one riot broke out in Indonesia. Two famous riots in Indonesia that I know; “Prison riots in Medan” and “Riots during fare hikes for petrol”. Both riots definitely are more ‘wow’ than singapore riots. I heard from my husband that there is a bombing on church in Jakarta targeted on Christians during Christmas this year. Or well, it seems to happen almost every year.

What about Volcano Eruption and Earthquakes over here? Indonesia has the highest number of volcanoes in the world. You can look at the volcano eruption from Mount Sinabung which happens on 5th december 2013 where they have to evacuate more than 17000 people. Not to mention I have also experienced earthquakes twice in Bandung.

I guess the most important thing is whether you are a Singaporean or Indonesian, stay thankful always for all the things that you have.

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