6 things no one ever told me about being a mother

Before I become a mother, I went around trying to ask everyone what do I need to know. Usually people will say;

1) You will be busy (agree)

2) You will not have enough sleep (agree totally!)

3) You will be tired (hands and legs up in the air)

4) Your husband will pay more attention to the baby but not you (not really true, haha at least for me)

With all these advice given to me, I get myself prepared mentally. I need to know in advance so I can manage my expectation. However I realised no matter how ‘well-prepared’ you think you are, there will always be unexpected changes that no one will tell you. Perhaps it does not matter to them so they probably do not feel the need to mention it. However, it makes such a BIG difference in my life! Listed below are 6 things that no one ever told me about being a mother.

1) I always gobble down my food and I think I am going to get indigestion problem! I have to eat real fast wherever I am because I have to carry my baby girl in case she is crying.

2) No more movies at cinema; at least not for the time being. It is a ‘torture’ for both me and my hubby since we are both movie lovers. Recently, when I see so many people tweeting “I am catching fire”, well; I was ‘burning in fire’! I really want to walk inside a movie theater.

3) No more massage for me, at least not now. After I gave birth, I was aching all over but there really is no time for me to get a good massage. There was once when Olive was just one month old and I tried to sneak in for a quick one hour massage. While I was inside the massage center for less than 15 minutes, Olive was crying so loud and I have to stop my massage. Eventually she fell asleep but the one hour quick massage was the worst massage in my whole life. I cannot enjoy it at all.

4) You will not be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes immediately. I kind of thought I will gain back my pre-pregnancy figure quickly. However after one month later and I cannot fit into my jeans, I was quite sad. I guess I did not manage my expectation on that. It took me about 2months to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans which according to many was amazing. Most people took at least 3months.

motherhood5) You no longer have the freedom to watch any shows you like on TV. My ‘favourite’ channel on my TV is ‘Disney Junior’. When Olive is awake, she likes to listen to songs on ‘Disney Junior’. I think I can sing most of the songs played on the channel now.

disney6) No more late-night fellowship with your cell group members. In fact, you probably cannot bring your newborn out too often. One word of advice, if you do not have a baby now, please fellowship more.


I think no one can ever tell you the full package of motherhood because it differs from one mother to another mother. And like what every mother will tell you;

It will be better, it is all worthwhile

3 months into motherhood and I agree totally; it does get better. It is definitely all worthwhile despite all the freedom I need to give up.


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