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My name is Amber. I have grown up in Singapore all my life until I married my husband who is an Indonesian. Currently I live in Bandung, Indonesia together with my husband and newborn baby girl. Dadmumbaby.com is a place where different individuals share their experiences and hopefully it can be an encouragement to you.


Some questions that people often ask me…

Q : Are you a full-time stay-at-home mother?

A : Yes and No. I am currently not working but I still like to keep myself busy with my ministry and blogging. Therefore if you know me, you will still find me running all over places bringing my little baby girl with me.

Q : Why blogging?blogging
A : I love to share my thoughts and I hope by sharing my life, you can be greatly encouraged. I also believe that through blogging you can bring awareness to certain issues in life and bring changes to people’s mindset and hopefully make an impact in my community.

Q : Please explain about the various contributors in this website.
A : If you do observe carefully, you will realise that I am not the only author for this website. There are many people who has helped me along the way and I appreciate all their help! I will not be able to do this without their help. One of the goal of this website is to share the lives of people around us, particularly generation Y. Most of the people born in generation Y are in their 16s-30s which is an age where they need to make very important decisions in life. You can click here to read more about the individual contributors.

Q : Are you a mother blogger?
A : Yes and No. I will love to focus on just being a mother in this website but I do not just play the role of a mother in real life. I am also a wife to my husband, a leader for my youth and a servant in ministry. Many people think that once you become a mother, many priorities will change in your life. Yes, it is true. My priorities might have changed but I do not give up my other roles in life as well. Generally I am balancing between all my roles in life and hopefully I can strike a balance in each and every role that I am called to.


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