Crochet Baby Wear

All Crochet baby wear are specially hand-knitted with love.


IMG_3147Item: Brice Dress

Price: $15



 Item: Adeline Dress

Price: $15



 Item: Elisha Hat

Price: $8



 Item: Camilla Jacket

Price: $15


IMG_3143Item: Maddie Jacket

Price: $15


IMG_3142Item: Berlin Dress

Price: $15


IMG_3166Item: Parker Dress

Price: $15


IMG_3167Item: Avalon Dress

Price: $15


IMG_3169Item: Mimosa Booties

Price: $15


IMG_3170Item: Lincoln Jacket

Price: $15


IMG_3171Item: Easton Dress

Price: $15


IMG_3172Item: Bianca Dress

Price: $15


IMG_3173Item: Newborn Set


*More designs available

For more information, please contact us:-

Instagram: @babyshopcnc

Whtsapp/sms: +6592380844 / +6592790711



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