OOTD – People will stare, make it worth their while

OOTD = Outfit Of The Day


Have you ever wonder who started the slang OOTD? I guess it started when hashtags # become popular? There are so many internet slangs that it is hard to keep up with it all. Not everybody know what is OOTD. Take for example my husband, he has no idea until I explain to him. In fact I have no idea what is OOTD. I have to google and I realise OOTD means ‘Outfit Of The Day’. There is even an OOTD magazine online with over 90000 facebook likes.



Why we love OOTD?

People who loves fashion adore OOTD because this is just another way to showcase the world our personalities and styles. Especially if you have a good buy, you can’t wait to share with everybody. Oh wait, not just a good buy but it must look good on you too. It boils down to how we want to present ourselves to family, friends and even strangers.

When you wear good, you look and feel good



To look good in OOTD and show it through all social media, you definitely need good photography skills. Therefore to display a nice OOTD is not just a test of your fashion but also a test of your creativity and photography. I really admire people who can take good OOTD photographs.


We are created to love beautiful and creative things because that is the character of God. God is beautiful, creative and so much more. Look at how God create the world, no one can beat God in terms of creativity!


If you have not yet taken an OOTD shot, it is time to take one! Enjoy what you wear and feel good in your outfit!

Picture below from 2 confident young men who simply love what they wear!

People will stare, make it worth their while


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