Posting Baby poops in Facebook – yes or no?


Few days ago, I came across a forum for mommies. One of the popular thread in the forum was about ‘posting baby poops picture in facebook’. One mommy apparently posted about her baby poops in facebook with real pictures of poops and received negative comments from her friends. She began asking in forum for advice if it is wrong to post poops picture in facebook.

First and foremost, I was quite surprised by this thread as it was one of the most popular with nearly 200 comments in three days. I did not think that it was much of a concern but I was so wrong. More than 80 percent of the comments disagree with posting baby poops on facebook. And more than half of the comments did not sound very nice and friendly. Mommies were kinda ‘slamming’ her for being inconsiderate…etc. Some of the comments are;

1) Do you want to look at your friend’s baby poops? If you do not want to, please dont post.

2) Who wants to see poops in their newsfeed? stop doing that!

3) Why do you want to embarrass your baby? Your baby will see her own poop in facebook when she grows up.

4) What kind of friend are you? I will unfollow you in facebook.

5) Poops are poops! if you think baby poops are alright, what about your own poops?

6) Put the poops to where it belongs

…the negative comments went on and on.

The rest of the people commented that it is up to individual to post whatever they like in facebook but they probably will not do that in their own facebook. There were less than 5 mommies who shouted, “Go all the way, baby poops are cool!”

Honestly this thread got me thinking. Where do i stand? What will I do? I do sympathize with this mommy who got ‘slammed’ for posting baby poops in facebook because some of the comments were really unkind. But on the other hand, I do not think I am a person to post baby poops in my facebook either. I did look at the picture that she posted in facebook. The picture shows poop on her baby’s christmas onesie. As a mommy, I must admit I have seen worst from my baby girl! haha! The picture does not look that bad in comparison but yet for most people, no one really want to look at poop pictures, mommies included. After all the negative comments came from mother, right?

So I am not going to show you over here what she posted; in case you people start slamming me as well. haha! Anyway the thread has been removed apparently because it is no longer found on the forum. Poor mommy, she must be so upset that she decide to remove the thread.

facebook-pictureBut I think the issue is not just about posting poops on facebook; but really what does facebook represent in your life? Is it just another social media with restrictions in your life? You can only post what people love to see but not what is really going on with your life. For a mommy, dealing with your baby poops is part of an everyday life. It does not seem so wrong for her to post what she is going through or feeling in her facebook. However, some people just do not want to see the ‘shit’ in your life. Sometimes it can get very confusing on what you should or should not do.

For me personally, I think I can handle seeing baby poops on my newsfeed; after all I do see them everyday now. I do not think I will un-friend someone in facebook if she post baby poops picture. However if she did this every single day, I might feel very irritated too. It is true that I will not want to see poop pictures everytime I log into facebook. So I guess an occasional baby poop picture from mommy, it is within my threshold. But if someone is to post their own poops…. hmm what will you do?

It is funny how a simple action can trigger so much thinking and response from others. Eventually being a nice mommy; (I hope I am!) I posted this comment in response to the thread

Hi! Appreciate you for asking. I think you can decide what you want to post on your facebook; afterall it is YOUR facebook. Personally I will not do that but if you are very upset with your friends for giving you negative comments, talk to them and hopefully they can understand. Every successful relationship need communication :)

What will you do?

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