My Proposal in Singapore Botanic Gardens

21st October was special. The day was lit up by beautiful moments that I will never forget, not a second of it. Two of my amazing first-times happened and today I will share the first one with you. Not just first, it is the ONLY time of my engagement! Here is a peek to my proposal in Singapore Botanic Garden:
The Set-up (Singapore Botanic Garden):
engagement2 engagement3 engagement4 engagement5 engagement6 engagement7
After 6 hours…Final touch up
engagement8I was tricked to one of the pavilion at Singapore Botanical Garden. I did not suspect a proposal throughout the journey as it was late in the night. It was a long day and my brain was not working. I was so looking forward to reach the new ‘café’ that I was told about. I only knew something fishy was going on when I was nearing the pavilion because that was the only place that was brightly lit up in the whole garden. As I approached it, the puzzle was solved, I recognized that man, my boyfriend! I was asked to sit down to watch his love declaration video. *shy*
Please enjoy, here is the video.

Yes he folded a thousand cranes, and each crane contains a love message. After which he sang me a song with the KEYBOARD and then… popped the question with flowers and the ring!
engagement9 engagement10 engagement11 engagement12 engagement13 engagement14

It was a stunning moment. I am thankful for everyone who witnessed and celebrated this special occasion with us! Not to forget, I am also thankful to an amazing boyfriend who never fail to love me with all his heart! =D

Being engaged, what does it mean to me?  I took a couple of days to recover from this beautiful fact. It is definitely more than just having a diamond on your finger or the sweet romantic proposal. P.s. He rocked the house that day!

To me, engagement marks the preamble of a new chapter of my life – marriage. Being a mummy’s girl, my mind started to fathom about marriage? How different would life be? What are some of the changes I have to make? Will I need time to adapt? As for wedding, what kind of wedding am I looking for? How about the venue and budget? What theme is good? How to be a beautiful bride? The list just go on and on.

Well, some of my friends shared that the coming months will be like a roller coaster, ups and downs are bound to happen and so, learn to ENJOY the process. That piece of advice helped my heart to expect and be ready to face the best and the worst times. I am looking forward to the coming months of preparation and will be so glad to share with you my bride-to-be process on this platform!
The big day will be in the month of December 2014. It seems a little early for preparation for the wedding. However, there are 2 things that should be considered way in advance.
Firstly, Yan Ming and I did a rough calculation of the expenses and true enough, it’s MASSIVE! hahahaha… T.T Yes, the budget! The budget set is based on what we hear from our friends, but I don’t think the difference from the actual will be a lot. Wiser spending has to come into play; some things can be forgone – for example, shopping, and some things can be invested – for example, healthy food. All in all, it is time to tighten our belts and keep to a monthly budget starting now!
Secondly, both of us want to look best in the wedding photos and achieving it certainly takes time. I don’t know what best is best but I know we do our best to achieve the best. Haha…This is essentially referring to skin care and toning up our bodies and since the results do not come immediate, we have to discipline ourselves a little more each day. For the past few months, I have made some changes to my diet as well as workout regime. Some of which I have shared in my earlier entries and I will continue to write all that I try.
So yup, these are the first feelings I have after being engaged for a couple of weeks! Meanwhile, stay tuned for more to come!
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