The season to DIY your love

Original Author: Sarah Ng


Can you feel the Christmas vibe yet? Because I can!!

I am EXTREMELY STOKED about the thought of Christmas!!!!

to be “stoked” is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something

season-diyI LOVE CHRISTMAS SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! The lights, the carols, the laughter, the smiles, the giving of gifts and HANDMADE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!!!! Handmade cards/letters are so foreign in society now! The few occasions you get handmade cards are during birthdays, a get well soon card if you are in hospital and CHRISTMAS!

season-diy-cardsFor those who are not arty-farty, you can actually get inspirations online. One of my favourite website is Pinterest. Recently I got many inspirations from Pinterest for this year’s Christmas cards! There are really SOOOOOOOOO many various way to make a Christmas card with that tinge of Christmas feel in it!

season-diy-cards1 season-diy-cards2

If you can’t really draw, you can try to cut & paste! Just like the above pictures, instead of drawing out the orange nose, you can always cut a nose-shaped out from an orange paper.

One of my favourite card inspirations as below:

season-diy-cards3The original idea was to use it as house decoration but you can actually put it into a card form.
1. Use any paper background that you like
2. Cut out the shape of a “triangle tree” – just like the above picture
3. Use white liquid paper or black marker (whatever that is a good contrast to your background paper and you can write “A Very Merry Christmas” or probably the person’s name you’re giving to.)
4. Write your heart-felt words on the back of the card

It’s THAT simple!

Remember, a handmade card is not about how marvelous it looks but it’s really the thought, time and effort put into it. People can feel your love if you make the card with love!

season-diy-cards4Picture above was from my last year’s DIY Christmas cards. All you need is;
a) Nice paper as a background
b) Sticker alphabets (so that you can have some different texture on your cards; BTW, my handwriting or drawing is not that nice. For those who can’t draw, you’re not alone!)
c) Double sided tapes
d) Scissors
and you’re all ready to make cards!!

season-diy-cards5I added some red and green strips to add “Christmas” into my cards.

Can you see how simple the card is? This is the time of giving and showing appreciation to your family & friends around you! STOP GETTING BUSY AND START SHOWING LOVE!

And on a side note, sharing with all of you my all-time favourite Christmas movie/song!

Taylor Momsen (Cindy Lou Who) singing “Where Are You Christmas” from the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Don’t kill the festive vibe. Till then, MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!!!!


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