My Testimony – Revival in School (Ngee Ann Poly)

testimony-revival2Hi everyone, my name is Hui Min, I’m a year 3 student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I would like to share about what God has done for me and the people of Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

Ever since the start of my Polytechnic life in April 2011, I’ve been praying for the friends around me to be saved. I would always be praying for my friends during my quiet time and also when I walk to my classroom in the mornings. I also conducted my very first prayer meeting with 4 people to pray for revival in NP. God has opened doors for me to bring my friends from NP to Church.

testimony-revival6The first person I invited to church was the captain of my Co-Curricular Activity in NP Badminton. Her name is Deanna. Last year she graduated from SOT and is currently working full-time in church in the bookstore department.

Within the first few week of school in my first year, I had asked almost my entire class to come for service. One of those that accepted my invitation was May Fan. On her first visit to church she was very touched by God. Though she faced strong parental objections for coming to church, May Fan persevered through and rose up to be a dedicated connect group leader and a choir member in church.

testimony-revival3Following that, I got to know Elycia who was in the NP badminton team. She was also from the National Karate Team and has won over 30+ medals in karate competitions. During the school holidays, I would meet up members to give them bible study. Even though Elycia wasn’t a Christian then, she would still join in the bible study sessions. After spending time getting to know each other and having fun together, I invited her for cell group meetings and service. During one of the service she gave her life to Christ. A few months after her salvation, Elycia brought her cousin Jamie to church too. Jamie subsequently also received Christ and is planted in the church.

We also got to know a team member’s brother Douglas. TianYi, my Cell Group Leader started to share Christ with him and invited him to come to Church. Douglas subsequently came to service and has now received Christ. As a culinary student he makes awesome refreshments for the CG every week.

Last year, I went for an overseas CIP trip to Inner Mongolia for 2 weeks and was privileged to know Shang Zhi who was my roommate during the trip. As my roommate with me for 2 weeks, she couldn’t escape. It was there when I first shared with her about how God changed my life. A few weeks after the trip, she accepted the invitation to come to church. Now, she has received Christ into her life and is an active member in our cell group. After coming to church, Shangzhi invited Lucas, who is also from NP and is now also planted in the house of God.

testimony-revival4In 2 and a half years, 7 friends have given their life to follow Jesus. Many of them are growing stronger and stronger in their walk with God everyday. All glory to God.

I would like to thank Tian Yi for his constant love, discipleship, and always believing in me. He has supported me through my walk with God and has encouraged me to take steps of faith to bring revival to NP. I would also like to take this time to thank Pastor Edmund for his teachings, and leading me to the presence of God in his meetings which gave me many awesome encounters with God.

huimin-testimonyMost of all, I would like to also thank our heavenly Father as well for giving me my many breakthroughs and seeing me through my life. I would like to thank Him for His never failing love. If not for His Word and the wonderful people He has placed in my life, I would not be where I am today.

testimony-revival7I believe that as you begin to desire revival in your school, and take little steps to share Christ with your friends, God will use you mightily to bring about revival and transformation in your school. All glory to our Abba Father. Amen!

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