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This website was created to be a platform where different people can share their snippets in life and be an encouragement to people around us.

Disclaimer: All articles are written personally by individuals who have been through certain experiences in life and are not to be seen as professional advice.

YOLO – You Only Live Once
In this section, you will find many topics written by different individuals detailing their experiences as they go through different phases of life; marriage, pregnancy or simply fitting into society. I will also be sharing about my motherhood experience of taking care of my baby girl as a new mother.
Expat Experience
Living in Indonesia is one of the most challenging and exciting experience in my life. I did not realise culture shock can be so prevalent until I went through it personally. A new living environment is stressful but yet exciting at the same time. I see many opportunities where I can be a blessing to the community but yet many challenges ahead. Click to read more about my expat experience in Indonesia and to find out nice places to tour in Bandung!
Hopes of life
We may make many mistakes in life but as long as we never give up, miracles will always happen. Click to read about various real life experience of faith, love and hope. Also included in hopes of life are articles written to encourage your walk with God. Do enjoy!
Under the Sun
This is a place where I will post on any topics that I find interesting or simply just the usual blabbering about my sweet baby girl, super hubby and cats! Click to read more about my daily life as a mother and wife who is trying hard to balance fashion and nursing at the same time.
Walking Milk Bottle
I started calling myself this nickname when I started breastfeeding my daughter. As a “walking milk bottle:, I constantly need to find nice clothes to wear. Though I am not exactly a fashionista (victim of fashion), I will still want to look presentable and hopefully half my age. :p Click to see my OOTD (outfit of the day) and some nursing fashion advice.


Bahasa Indonesia translation is done by Christian, a great friend of mine who is always constantly supporting my dreams and vision in every possible way. He is a very friendly guy who has a dream of becoming interpreter of different languages.  Click here to know more about him.

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