Can you guess 2013 top ten hot topics in facebook?

I was reading an article and came across the ten most popular topics in facebook. To be honest, I did not know some of the topics can be so popular. In fact, after looking at the top 10, I have to google to search more about it. Come on, I am sure you do not know some of it too; please do not judge me for not knowing the world. :) Can you guess which of these 10 topics are at my fingertips?

1. Pope Francis
2. General election
3. Royal Baby
4. Typhoon Haiyan
5. Margaret Thatcher
6. Harlem Shake
7. Miley Cyrus
8. Boston Marathon
9. Tour de France
10. Nelson Mandela

The answer is Royal Baby! Obviously when I was getting pregnant and started ‘googling’ the internet, it was top in searches. As for the rest of the topics, I do have some knowledge about it but to hold a good conversation over dinner; I might need to read more. I guess it is time since knowledge does gives you power over people. Of course wisdom is definitely more important than knowledge but you cannot have wisdom without knowledge too!

The most widely discussed topics in facebook is on Pope Francis. Do you have any idea who he is? He leads the Roman Catholic Church on March 13, 2013, succeeding Pope Benedict XVI.

I guess what surprises me is the last on the list. The death of Nelson Mandela happened on December 5, 2013; it is so widely discussed, hence it is able to be part of the top ten popular topics in year 2013. As of date December 6, 2013, there are 115 million conversations about Nelson Mandela on Facebook.

For certain countries, the popularity of the topics varies. In Spain, for example, the most widely discussed topic is Real Madrid. In the UK, it is Andy Murray, while in the United States is on Superbowl.

What about Singapore? In Singapore, F1 racing is the most popular discussed topic!

Some places in Indonesia are also highly discussed by facebook users around the world. These places include, Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali (which is ranked 373), Terminal 2F Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Cengkareng (474), Terminal 1A Soekarno-Hatta (839), and the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta (936).



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