DIY for dummies – Tulle Tutu without sewing

tulle-tutu-dadmumbabyI make my first tulle tutu for olive and it is really easy. I am not an exactly Do-It-Yourself person but I manage to complete it. The dress was too long for Olive for my first attempt (opps) but If such a ‘dummy’ like me can do it, i believe you can do it too!

5 steps to make a Tulle TuTu

1)      Take a piece of ribbon and measure it around your waist. If your waist length is 28cm, you will need to cut 28cm + (2×15)cm =58cm length of ribbon. The additional 30cm length of ribbon is to tie the tutu together once we are done.

tulle-tutu-step22)      Tie 2 knots at each end of your 28cm ribbon, leaving 15cm of ribbon on each side.

tulle-tutu-step2a3)      Measure the length of your tulle, for example if you want your tulle to be 10cm long, you will need to cut out 10cm x 2 =20cm of tulle in length.

tulle-tutu-step34)      Tie the tulle around the ribbon. Keep on repeating until you finish 28cm length ribbon.

tulle-tutu-step45)      Once you are done, tie the ribbon together and you will have your DIY Tulle TuTu!

kim21Have FUN making it…

xoxo, #walkingmilkbottle

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