Hyperemesis Gravidarum-Excessive Vomiting

According to ‘wikipedia’, Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is a complication of pregnancy characterized by intractable nausea, vomiting and dehydration and is estimated to affect 0.5% – 2.0% of pregnant women.

I suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum during my first pregnancy. Seriously I don’t enjoy my pregnancy at all. Those who enjoy their pregnancy, I am really happy for you. But for mine…it is totally not what I expected and I pray with all my heart yours will be so different from mine. Many people ask me, “How was your pregnancy?” and I will always reply, “Bittersweet” because to me it is a struggle.

kim13How did my bittersweet journey started?

I remember falling sick during the first week of January 2013. I was in Singapore together with bobby and my husband. I was really excited about this trip even though it was just a few days, it was my much deserved short break. I started to have flu and fever but I was persistent not to let my sickness spoiled the fun. Despite my flu, I went ahead for a fun day at Singapore universal studio. However my sickness worsen and I had to travel to Perak, Malaysia on the same night to visit my grandmother. It is not fun taking coach when you are sick but thank God I survived.

Upon reaching, I was so sick that I could not go anywhere. I felt really bad because it is the first time I am traveling with bobby and I hope he doesn’t think I am a boring sister-in-law. From Perak, we travelled to Kuala Lumpur by car. I felt so terrible in the car ride and my head could not stop spinning. A word of advice: ‘Please do not travel when you are sick.’ Reaching Kuala Lumpur, my sickness worsen. Everyone went for dinner except me. My husband was getting a little frustrated with me because I did not want to go anywhere. But seriously I was so weak and tired to go anywhere; all I wanted was to sleep. Finally the whole trip was over and I returned back to Bandung. This is one of my worst holiday.

Back in Bandung, I had more rest and was feeling much better. I did not went to the doctor because I was recovering. However, I started to vomit. I thought perhaps I have food poisoning. It is common for people to vomit and have fever. On my third day of vomiting, I was worried and started to think maybe I have contracted some weird disease.

I ‘googled’ about sickness with symptoms of being overly tired, excessive vomiting, fever…etc. I read an article saying if I do not have my menses, it is time to bring on the pregnancy test just in case I was pregnant. My menses are always not that regular so I did not really suspect that I was pregnant.

A friend of mine was kind enough to deliver the pregnancy test. Lo and behold, the pregnancy test kit was in Indonesia language! I had such a hard time figuring out the instructions and by faith I did what I always see in movie.

1) Dip it in urine.

2) And if it is positive, you will see two lines.

…and the result was positive! I was feeling confused because I am afraid with my limited Indonesia langauge, I might get it wrong. My hubby was sleeping as I did the test early morning which I read is the most accurate. In daze, he read the instructions and say yes… according to the test kit, I am pregnant! I was happy but mixed in my heart, perhaps the giddy spell in me was preventing me from shouting in joy. We decided to go and see doctor for confirmation next week as we were busy over weekends.

However I could not stop vomiting and it got worse and worse. I have been vomiting for a few days and I was feeling so weak. I was not able to swallow any food, not even liquid food. We were worried so I decided to admit into hospital.

hospital-stay-hyperemesisI remember the first scan that I had. You practically cannot see anything in the scan but doctor confirmed that I was around 6 weeks pregnant. I was on drip and I felt so terrible. It was my first time staying in hospital, on drip and I was not even sick. I did not consider myself to be sick but rather I figured out it was pretty normal to have such symptoms. it was very unexpected and I was praying in my heart, asking God for strength to go through all these.

Everyone was very happy to hear that I was pregnant. Many people came and congratulated me in the hospital. Usually, people only announce pregnancy after their first trimester. But since I was admitted into hospital so everyone had to know what happen. Anyway I think it is a blessing that people knew about your pregnancy earlier.. :)

1) they prayed for you and your baby earlier

2) they cared for your health earlier

3) they are more understanding towards your mood swings earlier

I know some people prefer to announce after 3 months in case of miscarriage but given a choice I will still announce earlier because I need prayers!

To be Continued…

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