I am pregnant

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Hi! My name is Jayme Shing. Yes, we are expecting our first kid! Probably the most exciting thing that has happen to us! I have no idea where to start blogging from because I have not really been keeping track of my weekly pregnancy journey, but I am probably gonna start! To help me with this entry, I am gonna do some Q&A style!

How many weeks?
I am currently just about into my 2nd trimester, and the baby’s due in mid April next year :)

How did you find out?
I suspected about the pregnancy when I started to always feel hungry throughout the day and eating way too much, but I did not take the test yet as I have not miss my period… So after missing my period for a week, I decided to kill the suspense by going to take the pregnancy test in the toilet. And….. when it showed positive, I cried for a good 20 minutes purely because of sheer joy!

What was Jiahao’s reaction?
Quite sadly, Jiahao was actually in the states when I tested, but he knew I was going to take the test and after I whatsapped him the pregnancy test kit, he was overjoyed (he has always love kids and wanted them). He was shopping at F21 for me in the states, and he told me “I am getting out of here, and going to Chanel, which bag do you want?” HAHAHA. Ok obviously the Chanel bag didn’t happen. But he was really really really happy :)

Who did you tell on that day?
I came out of the toilet in tears, and at loss. My SIL was the only one at home and she was really happy too and started calling my in-laws to tell them to rush home asap. hahaha. I called my parents followed by my sister who screamed so loud into the phone! (I hope she is really happy about the baby and not because she gets to inherit my wardrobe soon, hahaha). Basically, we kept the news within the immediate family :)

Any major symptoms in the 1st trimester?
I have really bad indigestion and feeling bloated even up till now, gone are the days I eat 2 bowls of rice in a meal… Been trying to eat small meals and snack healthily in between the day. I didn’t really suffer morning sickness that badly like some mothers that I know who parked themselves in the toilet all day long, but I do feel puking when I eat a really heavy meal or am very hungry or it just happen somehow and I will walk with a plastic bag around. Every week brings different sort of changes in my body, like week 6-8 I get crazily hungry every 2 hours and I had to eat before I faint or turn into a zombie, or like week 10 onwards, my mornings are usually bad with stomach discomfort of gastric, nausea and bloated all at once. I am definitely looking forward to a better 2nd trimester!

Any weight gain?
Definitely…. and sadly… I read that you should only gain 2kg in the first trimester, or some people don’t even put on any weight because of severe morning sickness… but yours truly have already put on a whopping 4kg…. (cries)…. I blame it on the week 6-8 where i had some major eating every day, i mean every 2 hours. But on a reasonable side, I was very underweight, about 7kg below acceptable. So after putting on 4kg, I am actually still underweight… but my clothes are starting to feel kind of tight :(

Food cravings or aversions?
I do get food cravings somehow, like if i see a bowl of ramen on Instagram, I have to go eat them or I would think about it till I eat it. Or like I see people eating curry, and I got to go get some too, not sure if this is called food craving or some sort of greediness? But I still stay off fast food and very processed food, which I am very proud of. But one major food craving was hilariously vegetarian bee hoon…. I had them one morning and followed by lunch in a few hours and then dinner the next day and couple of times already and still feel like eating them even till now… really weird. Thankfully, no food aversions, I am blessed to be able to walk into a food court without puking, but there was a week where I couldn’t stand vegetables but nothing too major! :)

That’s all about the 1st entry about my pregnancy! click here to read more.


Original Author: Jaymeshing also blogs at http://www.jaymeshing.blogspot.com


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