Living in Singapore (An indonesian point of view)

Original Author: Santy

Welcome to my first episode of SunTea’s L.A.T.t.e (Life After Twenties)

Yes, I am an Indonesian from Medan, proud to say I am one although I have grown up in Singapore for almost a decade. I can say I’m quite Singapore-nized! I am not sure if being ‘singapore-nized’ has a positive or bad impact on me but well, it has been good so far.

santy4For this introductory post, I will be sharing something about me coming to ‘Singapura’. There are many reasons you might want to come to Singapore.

1) Education
2) Job
3) Shopping


4) “buzz” up your boring life
5) Find a partner (not too sure about this one though)


The answer is “SINGAPORE BOLEH”. You can find everything here.

I will not cover the pros and cons of coming to Singapore as it is a subjective topic. In my opinion (IMO), I came to Singapore because of only ONE reason; Education. That is a very common reason for most people I believe.

I was still a teenager aged about 14years old when my parents sent me to Singapore for a mission; to study hard, get a better education and hopefully find a good job.

When I was in Indonesia, I excelled in my studies and was always one of the top 3 in class. However when I came over to Singapore to further my education, it was really hard. The standard of education here is just really higher and in addition, I have to master a second language. Learning English was really tough in the beginning. From being the top 3 in class, I became an average student in Singapore when I started in secondary 2( SMP 2 in Indonesia). I was crying out in desperation but thank God, after much hard work, my studies shown an improvement.

One ‘geek-ish’ fact about me; while others were reading stories or novels during their leisure, I was reading Oxford dictionary page to page. I learned to memorise new words every day. In order to improve my english, I played only one game in my iphone and that is ‘Hangman’ (ok, I know my life sounds boring) However I have not been reading dictionary nowadays so please do not test me.
A geek-ish picture of me!
santysanty3If you are thinking of working here, the salary for a fresh graduate (without experience) here ranges from $2200-$3000. The value of this amount of money when converted to rupiah is really alot, at least RP20,000,000 and above. However Singapore is an expensive city so the living expenses are high and you cannot really compare.

I just graduated from my university in May this year. I am considered very blessed to be able to get a job within a month upon graduation. On top of that, I was given salary that is slightly above average. Here is my recent graduation picture with my mommy.
santy1Coming to Singapore has taught me to be independent and definitely mould my character to be more disciplined and hardworking. I have no regrets studying and finding a job here. To survive in Singapore, you need

1) Good determination

2) Discipline

3) Good friends and community to hang out in

santy64) Money!!! (A servant that serves me well)

A word of advice to parents in Indonesia; You need money to invest in your children; and it is a relatively significant amount.

The expenses in Singapore are really huge (besar)!  You need ‘Berjuta juta’. It means you need millions of rupiah to come Singapore. If you want to send your children to come to Singapore to study, school fees for foreign students are around $500 ++++++++ (never-ending). You need to set aside money for tuition(if necessary), transport, food and rental.

That is why if you are thinking of coming over to study, you must learn how to ‘berhemat’ (be thrifty). Well, unless you fall into this category R.I.C.H and do not really have limit in your spending, that is a different story. You can have a good life over here; for example; you can take taxis wherever you go! And if you do have such a luxury, please do not forget to bless the people around you too. haha!
‘Stress’ is inevitable here, but you can always find;

‘Desserts’ in all the ‘Stressed’

To survive here, find yourself a purpose and a group of close friends who will support and love you. You can do some activities to de-stress like eating cakes! :) Singapore really has nice cakes and desserts!

santy7Yes ‘Imma cake Luverrr!’ (Will post again specially on sweet dessert! )

There are days when you will really miss home but Singapore is SO NEAR INDO! You can ask your relatives or parents to bring over that classic spicy delicacies from Indonesia! Singapore food is quite bland to me. I need chili padi!

Hope you can continue to support and read this blog (especially the L.A.T.t.e.s!)

I will be sharing more about my experience in life  #staytuned #suntea

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