Making life-changing decisions depsite all odds

life-changing-4I am Torance Paul, currently an university student in RMIT, studying business management and someone who likes to seek challenges in life, I strive for excellence, to maximise my potential while hoping to extend a positive impact on the people around me with the way I live my life.

life-changing-2If there are successful people in the world who can make an impact in the society and do something great, there is no reason I should allow myself to be mediocre. However, developing into a person of ‘greatness’ requires experience, and this involves decision making at many stages in life, to make us into the person we want to be.

There are many crossroads in my life, where I have to make decisions that will shape the rest of my future. This requires not just planning, but also boldness in executing the plans. For me, one of the major turning points in life is to withdraw from a computing course in a local polytechnic in my second year, and opted for a diploma course in business instead. My decision to change course delays my graduation and it was a decision that was frowned upon by many. This is not a surprising phenomenon in a country like Singapore that emphasizes on money-making. After all, education equates to money. The higher your education, the more potential you have in earning money. The common route to success is to have a degree at the end of one’s course of education.

To be honest, right from the start, I have no interest in computing course but it seems to be the right way to go because it was a good course in a well-known polytechnic. However, I actually struggled under the tedious workload of my course, which I find no interest in and could not perform well. This is when I decided to withdraw from my course, and attempt a diploma course in business. It was a life changing moment for me but it was a necessary step.

life-changing-5I need to think about my future. I could not visualize myself living a happy and successful life if I was to continue. It was as if I was fitting into a mold that wasn’t meant for me. Then and there, I decided that I would take the risk to change course, even though I have already invested two years in my polytechnic course. The road ahead was full of uncertainties but I decided to make that change.

A life-changing decision that I make years ago landed me in a degree course in business today, double majoring in business management and marketing. This is the area of my interest and talent, and I am grateful that I had been bold then, to opt for the change in course despite my fears and objections from society.

However, I do not regret my two years spent studying computing in polytechnic, as I believe every stage in life has a purpose; it is a lesson to prepare me for my future endeavors. In life, there is no single perfect way of life; all of us will encounter setbacks and obstacles.

life-changing-6No matter how successful you are as a person, you will encounter difficulties in life. As I grow older, I begin to appreciate the experiences I had in the past, learning from my mistakes and at the same time, exploring my own talents and flaws to understand myself better.

In my adolescence, my idea of ‘greatness’ is measured by economic success, whether I can become wealthy from what I invest my time and money in doing. But as I mature, I find that many of my priorities change over time. Now, I believe ‘greatness’ is not limited to financial status, or career opportunities, but we must have passion for the things we do; even as we work, we have to love working to a certain extent, and not just labor for the sake of incomes.

As a student, I am proud and happy to say that I am living my dreams, studying the course of my desire – business management and marketing – instead of lucrative courses like computing which I find no joy in. I look forward to working too, knowing that I am in a field of my interest where I can also do well in.

life-changing-7Decision-making is part and parcel of life. It is also a journey in this unpredictable world that we live in. Circumstances and our priorities are subjected to change as we grow. We must learn to move on from mistakes and continue making changes in our life. Amidst all these, make sure you do things you are passionate about, or you can learn to develop passion for the things you do, if not it will take a toll on you one day.

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