Perks of being engaged

perks-engaged-ss1‘Hi, this is my boyfr… Oops, I mean fiancé’.

Does this sound familiar to you? After 1 month since he popped the question, I am finally used to this new status with him. Over these few weeks, both of us have been openly talking about many topics that we barely touched on previously. Not just between us, in fact, with almost everyone we met. The most common conversation topics would be our house, our potential wedding venues, our wedding outfits, our honeymoon, etc. In short, everything that falls under marriage.

perks-engaged-ss2After close to 3 years of courtship, both of us have understood each other more than before. It is amazing to see how the relationship grow from one that is independent to one that is interdependent; from individual to mutual. Indeed, a love relationship is more than the lovey-dovey feeling. In every situation, there is always room to love.

Needless to say, we both have our own strengths and weaknesses. In terms of personalities and preferences, we are very different too. On bad days, we do have clashes with one another while, on good days, we seem perfect for each other. Many times we were faced with challenging thoughts like, is he or she really for me? Are we suited for each other? Is he or she the one I can trust my life with? How can we better deal with those inevitable hiccups? Thus, in this relationship, it took a lot to learn to love and see beyond the shortcomings and uncertainties. We must be serious to grow old together, for the good of both.

perks-engaged-ss3Having to know that your partner has managed those thoughts and come to a level of commitment to accept and love you despite your imperfections and differences is a blissful thing. It is beautiful to see him or her making that important decision specially just for you. You are not regarded as a playmate or a fun companion; but a soul mate to be committed and loyal to for the rest of your life.

You do not have to tell your friends ‘hey, this is my boyfriend/girlfriend whom I am still considering to marry’ but ‘hey, this is my fiancé/fiancée whom I have chosen to cherish and stay committed to.’ It is never an easy decision, hence it is something that we can be proud of. Being engaged, you have gained the assurance of lifelong happiness from someone who loves you wholeheartedly. Again I say, it is blissful.

To me, the greatest perk of being engaged is not the attention from people around us, neither is it the fun of visiting bridal fairs. It is being able to confidently share about the one who made the decision to love the imperfect me and is willing to commit his entire life to me without conditions. Everything has become certain, it is not a ‘may or may not’ happen situation, but a certain ‘will’.

kim7For now, planning for the wedding day is no longer a small girl’s dream but it has turned into a beautiful reality. When the uncertainties in a relationship fade away, there are no restrictions to share about the new journey you are preparing for.


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