Riots in Singapore?!? OMG

Yesterday night, when I opened my facebook feeds, it was filled with hundreds of comments regarding riots in ‘little India’. Yes, for a moment i thought they meant India because my brains cannot digest the fact that it is ‘little india’ in Singapore. The last riots that I know happened over 40 years ago, before I was born.

omgI can imagine many people starting their day today in schools or offices discussing about this incident. After all, looking at some of the nasty comments in facebook, surely this will be a good topic to ‘gossip’ about.

After seeing so many comments in facebook, I quickly googled regarding this. There were videos, tweets, reports in the internet over this incident. Thank God for technology that even when I am far away, I can still know what is happening in my homeland.

Immediately, I ‘report’ to my husband and this was the conversation that we have.

Me: “Can you imagine there is a riot in singapore?”

Hubby: “Really? What exactly happened?”

Me: “Not sure, I need to read more in the internet but I think two person die in this riot but I am not sure how accurate is the information.”

Hubby: “Only 2?”

Me: “Ya, I think only 2 or less or more? *sheepish look* “but many people are injured!”

Hubby: “Ok” (back to whatever he is doing)

I really cannot blame him for his ‘no reaction’. After all, have you really seen riots in Indonesia? It is far worse than this ‘little India’ riot. Of course I am not trying to say that this riot in Singapore in not worthy to be mentioned. But rather, if you open your eyes and look around, learn to be grateful and thankful; Singaporeans.

I know that some people are really pissed off by this riot as it was not initiated by singaporeans but foreign workers. Some were upset with the foreign workers and some were upset with the police force. Cool down, Singaporeans.

Of course I definitely do not agree with such violent riots that happen in little India but yet to see a virtual riot happening in the internet, it makes me wonder who is the real ‘terroist’ in this situation. I empathize with the foreign workers that are not involved and the police that are working hard.

If you stay where I am at this moment, you will learn to be thankful. It is so common to have riots and demonstrations in Indonesia. Some stories are really horrible and it makes me feel sad. If you are interested, you can google ‘riots in Indonesia’. The articles online are enough to keep you occupied for the whole day and perhaps forget about the riots in ‘little India’.

Show someone a little kindness with your words and your world can be a better place.

Give someone a little love today and your world can be a better place.

Give someone room to make mistakes and your world can be a better place.


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