Under the Sun

Ecclesiastes 1:9

That which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.


starfish-belitungThis is a place where I will post on any topics that I find interesting or simply just the usual blabbering about my sweet baby girl, super hubby and cats!

dadmumbaby_pictBeing a stay-at-home mother is not exactly what I visualise myself to be. I always thought I will probably be like a career woman when I grow up. After all in Singapore, the competition is so tough and you always have to fight to be at the top. However God seems to have a plan for me and I do not see myself being a career woman at least at this point of time. :p


A typical schedule of a stay-at-home mother with a 11weeks newborn

olive-victoria-sleeping8am: Olive will wake up for feeding and fall back to sleep. It will also be time for me to wake up and prepare breakfast for my husband. He loves to eat rice in the morning which is so different for me. I am a bread lover! Usually I will try to cook lunch and dinner to save time too

930am: Olive wakes up and stays awake for 2-3 hours. I will need to feed, bathe, play and put her to sleep again.

12pm: I can only clean the house when Olive is sleeping so this will be a good time for me. If she sleeps well, I have 2hours to wash, clean and to eat lunch. On days when she is grumpy, I will need to carry her and it will be hard to clean the house.

2pm: Olive wakes up to drink and fall asleep. I will take this chance to continue cleaning the house or I will be ‘insta-ing’, ‘facebook-ing’, ‘tweet-ing’ and ‘blogg-ing’. (look at the new terms of socialising)

4pm: Olive feeding time and she will usually stay awake for 2 hrs. Time to play and sing songs for her. Occasionally I will read her children bible stories too and she love it!

6pm: When she is asleep again, I will have some free time to myself. Perhaps I will be ‘youtub-ing’ at this time and eating dinner.

8pm: Olive feeding time and she will usually stay awake for about 1-2 hours. I will have to repeat the whole process of playing and singing songs for her.

930pm: Once she is asleep again, it is time for me to wash the dishes and tidy the house.

10pm: I will try to spend time with my hubby if it is possible or if not, I will be blogging and he will be busy with his work.

11pm: Olive will wake up again and I will prepare to massage and change her for the night. After an hour of playing and cuddling, she will usually fall asleep again.

12midnight: Time for me to sleep or perhaps I will try to catch a late night DVD.

1am: Olive will wake up for her usual feeding and back to sleep

5am: Olive will wake up for her usual feeding and back to sleep. (this is the only 4 hours interval sleep that I can have)

8am: (back to the beginning)

What a life? I really admire all mothers after I become one, especially those that give birth to twins or more. It is really tiring given the amount of sleep and housework to do but I give thanks to God for giving me a chance to experience motherhood. It is definitely a worthwhile experience. Staying at home has given me alot of chance to be with my daughter and I will not trade that for anything else. Sometimes I do take the occasional break from cooking and cleaning the house. I will lie in bed with my daughter for the whole day, nursing and cuddling her. That is really a wonderful feeling.


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