My Testimony – I was a computer addict

aswin-testimony2This is my testimony how God has changed my life. My childhood memories were not very memorable and my lifestyle was not exciting and interesting just like the youths nowadays. Although I was from a Christian family, I was unwilling to attend church lest stay committed. My mom would often have to wake me up every Sunday morning and pull me along to church. After a period of time, my mom eventually gave up on asking me along for the church services as it felt like I was fulfilling a duty.

aswin-testimonyBeing the only child, I often felt lonely and insecure. I remembered my favourite companion was the computer! While others would spend their free time hanging out with their friends catching a movie, I would spend time playing computer games. Slowly, I developed an addiction for computer games and couldn’t live without it even for a single day!


During my secondary school days, I would rush home from school everyday just to play computer games. During the school holidays, I could spend up to 16 hours fixing my eyes on the computer including having my meals on my computer table. The remaining time would be for sleeping. That meant that every moment I was awake, I would definitely be on the computer. I thought the computer could replace the friends in my life and build myself up to be a more confident and secure person by connecting with people across the Internet. However, I was wrong and my life continued to deteriorate even further.

My results for GCE O Levels was so poor that I didn’t manage to get into any of the choices I desired for in my polytechnic and had to settle for just any course that would be willing to accept me. My circle of friends was so limited that my phone hardly rang and my outings with them would be so dull. I was also very shy towards females and often wanted to avoid them at all costs. I felt alone.

aswin-testimony3However, in my polytechnic year 2 (2007), a friend of mine invited me to City Harvest Church for an Easter drama production. At first, I was hesitant to go but eventually agreed after some persuasion. The first time I stepped into the convention centre, I was astonished to see thousands of people inside. The cell group members were very warm and welcoming, and made me feel part of their clique. For the first time, I felt accepted for who I am and the love of every single individual opened up my heart.  I really enjoyed myself thoroughly from the start to the end of the service, including fellowship. aswin-testimony5

The love that the members showed me didn’t stop there. During the following few weeks, they took the effort to call me up and ask me about my school and life. They even organized short outings such as meals and sports to maintain the relationship with me. Because of that, I felt that church was a very comfortable place to be in and decided to stay committed!

From that day till now, I have never regretted becoming a Christian and God has blessed me tremendously, above all that I can ever think or imagine. Despite not entering into a course that I wanted in polytechnic, I continued working hard and motivating myself to at least graduate with a diploma before deciding what I want for my future. At the end of the 3 years in polytechnic, I graduated with an average GPA of 3.5! Moreover, I managed to enter into a desired University course and I am about to graduate with an average GPA of 3.7!

My relationship skills with people also increased tremendously and I am now leading a group of 16 people as well as being constantly involved in cell group and subzone events. It is my dream to be a cell group leader.

My addiction for computer games also was gone and now, I would prefer not to play computer games at all! Indeed, God is a God who is able to turn your life around 180 degrees and make you the salt and light in the world.

I want to thank my pastor for always giving me the opportunities in minor areas that boosts up my faith; my subzone leader for always sacrificing so much to provide the best for me and my cell group leader who always never gives up on me no matter how many times I have disappointed or failed her. Last but not least, I want to thank God for the friend He has sent to invite me to church. Without God, I would not be where I am now. All glory to God!

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