My testimony – God gives new dreams

god gives new dreams-tianyiMy name is Tianyi from Singapore. I want to share about how God gives me new dreams. When I was younger I used to skip school, rebel against parents and teachers, scold vulgarity and get into fights. I would often be sent to meet the discipline master due to my poor behaviour.

god gives new dreamsI had a dream to be a pilot. Therefore I joined the Singapore Air force and went to Australia for a selection test. However due to my frequent air sickness, I was disqualified by my instructor and my dream of being a pilot was crushed. I thought maybe I can be a scientist. I applied to my local universities but they rejected all my applications because of my poor results. I became very depressed as I do not know what to do in my life.

When I was 19 years old, my friend from Junior College brought me to church and I received christ as my saviour. I stopped speaking vulgarities and I was also healed of a knee injury which I had for about 10 years. I then asked God to show me the purpose of my life.

2 months after going church, in Aug 30 2004, I remembered a pastor prophesied that I will be a businessman and cell group leader. I start to have a dream to build God a big House. I felt God asking me to study business in Singapore Management University(SMU), the top business school in Singapore. Hence I applied and was miraculously accepted into SMU business course, despite my bad results. I know that God has make it possible. Even though initially I had one of the lowest entry results, eventually I got into dean’s list, the top 10% student in my university.

tianyi-daniel fastIn university I also started to run a successful online business and wrote my first book, 2 years after my prophecy. My mum also asked me to join her in toastmasters, an international public speaking club. In one year, I won 5 toast masters competition.

god gives new dreams2While I was busy in university, I also became a cell group leader.

After my graduation in year 2010, I joined the largest real estate agency in Singapore, HSR. My first sale was a bungalow and made a commission of $64k (RP 584M), and in the first year I was awarded the top 300 agents, out of over 8000 agents. I became a manager and in the next 2 years, I went on to receive 4 more top manager awards. 3 years ago, I was able to make my first property investment of $410,000 (RP 3.7b)

god gives new dreams1I am also privileged to be closely discipled by my church deputy senior pastor. I have learned so much truth and wisdom from men of God around me. I really thank God for placing them in my life. Earlier this year, I was also voted the most inspiring cell group leader in my church zone.

god gives new dreams3One of my dreams is to become a missionary and spread the gospel.In July this year, I was given an opportunity to have a mission trip to Indonesia as well. During the mission trip, many people were blessed by the word of God when I preached. God used imperfect people like me to reach out to people. This year I felt God urging me to pray more for the sick. I have prayed for more than 20 people who got healed, including bones, muscles, and chronic illnesses. All glory to God!

tianyi-daniel recipesCurrently, I am in the business of mobile apps and this year I would also be speaking in the National’s Achiever’s Congress which is one of Singapore’s largest convention of business leaders about my mobile app business.

I would like to thank Jesus for saving me and this relationship I have with Him.

I believe that as you continue to put God first and build the house of God, all things shall be added to you.

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